Environmental compliance

At United, we strive to achieve excellence in environmental compliance by seeking to go above and beyond regulatory requirements.

This is reflected in our internal Environmental Procedures Manual, which establishes more stringent requirements than existing federal and state regulations. Using an environmental management system (EMS), United has long employed the plan-do-check-act approach to regulatory compliance.

Cyclical plan-do-check-act approach:

  • Plan
    • Assets
    • Activities
    • Impacts
    • Regulations
    • Objectives
  • Do
    • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Check
    • Auditing
    • Reporting
    • Data Analysis
    • Leadership Review
  • Act
    • Corrective Action
    • Impact Reduction
    • Engagement
    • Continual Improvement

Our auditing program utilizes third parties as well as internal subject matter experts focused on compliance and best management practices. Any identified non-compliance is formally reported and tracked until associated corrective and preventative actions are completed, including addressing the root cause and identifying opportunities for improvement. Using data from our auditing program, we identify continuous improvement opportunities, training enhancements and resource needs across the company to support operational excellence.