Community impact

Our community impact activity is based on four giving cornerstones, which are aligned with who we are and what we do as a business.

These cornerstones guide how we invest and how we maximize our impact:

United Community Engagement

Responding to crisis

Lifting communities in crisis after disaster

Building inclusion

Breaking down barriers to promote inclusion

Inspiring leadership

Inspiring the next generation of leaders

Environmental sustainability

Flying toward a more sustainable future

Read case studies on the following pages about how we’re taking an active role in our global community and you can find a full list of our non-profit partners here.

Employee volunteerism

September of Service

United held its second annual September of Service, a month dedicated to honoring the memory of those affected by 9/11, by volunteering and serving the communities where we work and fly. We demonstrated how Good Leads The Way across the US, and the world, with more than 1,600 employees volunteering more than 6,000 hours. Our United family joined forces in many ways, in many places and — between the meals we packed, the areas we gave glow-ups to, the trash we collected and more — together we made a positive impact.

During the month, United volunteers:

  • Packed 233,680+ meals
  • Retrieved 4,950+ pounds of trash
  • Delivered 18 community glow-ups
  • Hosted events in 98 cities

Through all the volunteerism efforts in 2022:

  • 3,800 employees volunteered more than 26,000 hours to 331 local nonprofits in nearly 220 cities.
  • Volunteers were actively engaged with the community 364 days out of the year.