Supply chain integrity

United supports the competitive bidding model—it’s the right practice for our business to ensure we are finding the most qualified and competitive suppliers. With a renewed focus on identifying businesses from underrepresented communities, we are bringing more suppliers to the table to stimulate competition and innovation.

Because of our size and global reach, we have the ability and responsibility to influence outcomes for many businesses and communities.

Key highlights

90 new, certified diverse- and/or women-owned businesses adding resilience to United’s supply chain

$497M spent in 2023 with diverse- and/or women-owned businesses

$590M estimated to be added to U.S. GDP as a result of United’s spend with diverse- and/or women-owned businesses

Supplier diversity

Diversifying our supply chain and building a strong network of small, diverse- and/or woman-owned businesses improves competition and innovation, supporting the next step in our growth.

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