Responding to crisis

United responds to natural and manmade disasters by using our aircraft and global network to deliver much-needed relief supplies and volunteers to impacted areas.

Our contributions support:

Resiliency efforts that ensure communities are prepared in advance of disaster.

Movement of first responders and critical relief supplies to areas of need.

Long-term recovery efforts to get communities back on their feet after disaster strikes.

As an airline, we can respond to disasters and crisis needs in unique ways by delivering much-needed relief supplies and volunteers to impacted areas.


From March to April 2022, United’s Miles on a Mission program launched campaigns to help in the Ukraine relief efforts and provide support to our non-profit partners that use air travel to transport and help in Ukraine. These campaigns raised over 42 million miles and $551,419 for organizations that provided travel support, health and humanitarian services to Ukrainians in Ukraine and surrounding countries.

In addition to raising miles, our United Cargo team coordinated and provided aircraft space for 42 shipments totaling 116 metric tons. These shipments contained medical supplies, first aid kits, LifeStraw water filters, emergency radios and power banks to help support the region.

Operation Fly Formula

In June of 2022, United became the first airline to donate flights to address the critical shortage of baby formula in the United States. Partnering with the US Government we transported Kendamil formula free of charge from London Heathrow to multiple airports across the US over several weeks.

Hurricane Relief

In October 2022, with Hurricane Ian and Fiona hitting Florida and Puerto Rico, United employees and our customers around the world offered their support, raising nearly $200,000 and 4.3 million miles for charities helping with relief efforts.

Food Bank Partnerships

In 2022, United supported food banks in all of our seven Hub markets with travel and financial investments. These contributions exceeded $600,000 to provide nutritious food and healthy resources for community members with dignity, equity and convenience.