Empowering our world-class team to deliver for our customers and each other. We strive to break down barriers to create an inclusive, safe, caring, dependable and efficient environment for diverse talents and suppliers to thrive and create value.

Key highlights

More than 90% of new-hire interview slates for management and administrative roles include a diverse makeup of candidates

1:1 or near-perfect pay equity for employees of all genders and races performing comparable work across US management and administration roles1

#1 Only airline to make the Diversity Inc. 2022 Top 50 Companies for Diversity list

2x We doubled our diverse supplier spend year over year and plan to double again in 2023

Our purpose, “Connecting people. Uniting the world,” is about more than being a conduit between cultures globally. To ensure United is as diverse as the communities we connect and the customers we serve, we are taking a collaborative leadership approach. Together, we will do all the right things to be the best airline for everyone in the United family and beyond.

Scott Kirby CEO

Our people strategy

Collectively, our talented employees bring a global perspective that directly contributes to the success of our airline and our impact on the communities we serve. We seek to build an inclusive, safe, caring, dependable and efficient environment for diverse talent to thrive. Our people strategy—including policies, training, rewards, performance management and recruitment—is designed to help us find the best talent and give them the tools to succeed.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We are transforming the future of aviation, with diversity, equity and inclusion being essential drivers of our growth and our sustainable financial and operational success. In 2022, we worked to embed DEI throughout the business, with a focus on cultivating opportunities for underrepresented groups, creating a more accessible travel experience and engaging in active leadership for business diversity.

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Customer inclusion & accessibility

As the airline that flies to more destinations in the world than any other, we have a responsibility to provide all of our customers with an inclusive and accessible global service experience. We are striving to make customer travel experiences even more welcoming by improving accessibility and cultural sensitivity.

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Inclusion among our workforce

Last year, as we announced our growth plans, we created company-wide DEI goals for the first time in our history and tied them to specific metrics in our executive long-term incentive plan to ensure accountability for progress. These goals focus on three key areas related to talent: demographically diverse representation, new pathways to United careers and a refinement of our HR policies and practices.

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Empowering communities

We work with organizations globally, nationally and local to our offices, airports and operations that support our broader DEI aims. We provide partnership and funding to programs designed to amplify the voices of marginalized people such as veterans, the LGBTQ+ community and those with disabilities, programs to provide small and minority-owned businesses with the resources they need to thrive and programs designed to fight systemic racism.

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Amplifying progress through supplier partnership

Given the scale and reach of our global business, we know the impact we can make on local communities around the world by working with suppliers of all backgrounds and sizes. A diverse supply chain promotes innovation, ensures competitive access and represents our customers’ and employees’ diverse viewpoints.

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  1. Our frontline employees’ pay is based entirely on tenure and job performed, so there is complete pay parity for similarly situated frontline employees.