Corporate Responsibility Report

Our more than 100,000 hero characters are on a mission to do good in the air and on the ground, working to make the world a happier, more inclusive, more fascinating place.

Key highlights

513 frontline employees promoted into management roles

A- CDP score

SBTi mid-term targets validated

Scott Kirby Chief Executive Officer

“At United, we’re committed to being a force for good. I can see that our efforts to create the world’s leading airline are paying off and I am excited by the opportunities we are creating. We will continue on this flight path by focusing on doing the right thing for our business, our people and our customers.”

Our strategy

United has devoted its brand, reputation, resources, time and effort to pursuing corporate responsibility goals aimed to generate long term value. Simply, we use our influence and scale to lead in a way that inspires the world to action.

We identified seven material focus areas that are critical to our business needs, maintain our corporate values, build shareholder value and improve the communities in which we live and fly.

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We believe good governance is about empowering people to make good, value-creating and value-protecting decisions while controlling risks and managing the interests of shareholders, customers, employees and broader stakeholders.

Key issues include:
  • Board composition and oversight
  • Ethics & compliance
  • Cybersecurity
  • Policy priorities
  • Lobbying & political activity
  • Human rights

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Safety is the bedrock of running a successful and reliable airline. It’s foundational to our everyday culture, essential to our success and first in everything we do.

Key issues include:
  • United Safety Management System
  • Safety in action
  • Injury-prevention and safety data

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People and human capital management

Our world-class team members are the cornerstone of our success, representing the brightest and highest-performing people in the aviation industry.

Key issues include:
  • Talent acquisition, succession and reward
  • Professional and leadership development

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Environmental sustainability

United’s ambition is to lead the way in pioneering the future of aviation with environmental responsibility and sustainability at the forefront.

Key issues include:
  • Our environmental strategy
  • Roadmap to net zero by 2050
  • Sustainability at every altitude
  • Leading through collaboration
  • Climate risks & opportunities
  • Environmental compliance

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We partner with nonprofit organizations to create a meaningful, positive impact in the communities where we live and fly.

Key issues include:
  • Community impact
  • Employee volunteerism
  • Customer support for good causes
  • Responding to crisis
  • Building inclusion
  • Inspiring the next generation of leaders
  • Environmental sustainability

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Supply chain integrity

United supports the competitive bidding model—it’s the right practice for our business to ensure we are finding the most qualified and competitive suppliers.

Key issues include:
  • Supplier diversity

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UN Global Compact commitment

We have been committed to the Ten Principles set forth by the UN Global Compact for over a decade, and they continue to guide the decisions we make across the organization. This report, which sets out how we bring our purpose to life through our business, covers how we managed our environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities for calendar year 2023 and sets out how we implement the Global Compact principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. Our report is fully accessible online for all stakeholders to access. The report opens with a letter from our Chief Executive Officer Scott Kirby, which further reaffirms our support of and commitment to the UN Global Compact now and in the future.