Safety is the bedrock of running a successful and reliable airline. It’s foundational to our everyday culture, essential to our success and first in everything we do. As the first of our four core values, alongside caring, dependability and efficiency, every employee is expected to hold each other to the highest standards.

Our “No Small Roles in Safety” strategy, as part of our Safety Management System (“SMS”), is designed to imbue every employee with an understanding of their significant responsibility in our collective ambition to ensure the highest level of safety performance for our customers and employees.

Key highlights

7.2% reduced employee severe injuries

New adjusted flight crew policies to ensure flight attendants are seated by 10,000 feet during arrival to reduce risk of turbulence injuries

United Safety Management System

As we grow and recruit new people, our focus on safety is as important now as ever. Our approach is built around a robust SMS, with frequent investment in infrastructure, technology and tools. We are also investing in the training and development of our employees, especially those who are new to United, to help ensure they gain proficiency in their roles and stay safe in the workplace.

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Safety in action

Our actions are geared toward keeping our employees, customers and assets safe. From standard operational processes to specific safety programs, we are continually looking for ways to improve.

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Injury prevention and safety data

Teams across United work proactively to identify and elevate safety risks related to employee injuries. Weaving in technology, data analysis and human insight is a winning formula toward our aim for constant safety improvement.

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