Safety is the bedrock of running a successful and reliable airline – it’s foundational to our culture and our number one core value.

Safety is a shared responsibility, and we understand focusing on safety is a focus on lives of customers and employees. As such, we operate by rigorous compliance and governance, strong regulatory oversight, detailed operational procedures and policies, comprehensive monitoring and a personal responsibility by, from and to every employee at United to hold each other to the highest standards. We embody the mindset that every action matters - there are no small roles in safety.

Key highlights

100+ Locations have received certification for our higher safety standards program

5% Rate reduction in ground crew injuries following a new safety shoe program

New Safety campaign launched – No Small Roles in Safety

United Safety Management System

As we grow, recruiting new people, our focus on safety is more important than ever. Our approach is built around a robust safety management system, with constant investment in infrastructure, training and tools to put it into practice – every day, every second.

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Safety in Action

Every action we take is geared toward keeping our employees, customers and assets safe. From standard operational processes to specific safety programs, we are continually looking for ways to improve.

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Safety data

Teams across United proactively workto identify and elevate safety risks related to employee injury and equipment damage. Capturing, acting on and reporting performance data is an important part of constant improvement.

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