Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

“United flights provide life-changing new perspectives and new opportunities to millions of customers and, in turn, tens of thousands of employees. We want to offer those opportunities to as many people as possible, from every background. Our purpose-driven commitment to DEI is the right thing to do—and it’s an essential driver of our growth and sustainable financial success.”

Jessica Muench Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer

Our strategy

Our DEI strategy is centered around transforming the future of aviation. It is recognized as an essential driver of our growth and sustainable financial and operational success.

In 2022, we built on our progress to embed DEI throughout the business with a focus on leading the aviation industry by:

  • Cultivating greater opportunities and access for underrepresented groups so they can build long, lucrative careers at United and enhance our uniquely inclusive culture;
  • Offering a more accessible and culturally sensitive travel experience for all of our customers;
  • Empowering and uplifting the communities we serve; and
  • Demonstrating active leadership in building a strong pipeline for business diversity.

We are proud to share how we exceeded our DEI goals in 2022, made additional progress beyond these goals and established ongoing DEI commitments among our employees, customers, communities and commercial partners.

Stakeholder engagement

We are focused on enhancing relationships with the people who are impacted by our operations, our success and what we do. The primary stakeholders for our DEI programs are:


We strive to provide a safe and inclusive experience for our millions of diverse customers worldwide and to treat each one with dignity and respect.


We are creating new pathways into long, lucrative aviation careers and a workplace where all employees feel included and empowered to make a measurable difference in our success. We offer policies, programs, benefits and recognition designed to reward and support the success of our diverse workforce and we seek to attract, retain, and develop diverse leaders.


Our partnerships with local, national and global organizations and our work with elected officials and civic leaders provide opportunities to make a difference at all levels and champion causes that reflect our purpose and values.

Commercial partners

Our commitment to business diversity and empowerment extends from our workforce and continues in our relationships with suppliers. As a global company, we are committed to uplifting communities all around the world by partnering with diverse-owned businesses of all backgrounds and sizes.

Our goals

We have set goals for our DEI strategy.We are proud to share how we have exceeded our DEI goals for 2022, made additional progress beyond these goals and established ongoing DEI commitments among our stakeholders. You can read more on the following pages.





Improve accessibility and cultural sensitivity

  • Improve understanding of customer data for better service opportunities
  • Enhance cultural awareness and competency
  • Grow Cultural Advisory Board

Read about our performance against customer goals


Increase demographically diverse representation

  • Ensure that 90% of new hire interview slates for management and administrative roles include a diverse makeup of candidates
  • Update 50% of job postings to appeal to a broader labor market and eliminate biased verbiage
  • Continue to meet Aviate Academy diversity goal: 50% of enrolled students who are women and/or people of color


Create new pathways to United careers

  • Launch apprenticeship program for Maintenance Technicians with a focus on underrepresented groups


Assess and refine HR policies and practices

  • Continue to monitor and maintain progress on pay equity
  • Review pay and benefit plans and add programs to reach more equitable outcomes
  • Measure inclusivity with pulse surveys to establish baseline metrics

Read about our performance against employee goals


Support our DEI aims through engagement with community organizations

  • Support United recruitment and workforce programs
  • Craft a public policy agenda that includes a DEI focus
  • Grow partnerships and engagement

Read about our performance against community goals

Suppliers and commercial partners

Support women- and diverse-owned businesses through membership in the Billion Dollar Roundtable

  • Direct $1 billion+ of spending annually towards women- and diverse-owned businesses by 2025
  • Implement business policy and practices to ensure program sustainability and diverse business growth and development.

External awards and recognition

We are proud to have been listed as a supporter of inclusive practices by a number of external organisations including:

  • DiversityInc 2022 Top 50 Companies for Diversity

    Diversity Inc. 2022 Top 50 Companies for Diversity

    United was the only airline to make this list of top companies in the US that excel in diversity and inclusion management. United was also listed as 30 “Top Company for ESG,” and #9 “Top Company for ERGs.”

  • Disability Equality Index

    Disability Equality Index

    United was selected as a 2022 Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion. We scored 100%for the seventh-straight year.

  • Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index

    Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index

    United was selected as a 2022 Best Places to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality, and we were also recognized for 11 years of perfect scores.

EEO-1 Report

Our Consolidated EEO-1 Report is a mandatory annual submission to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. As part of our continued commitment to enhance transparency about our workforce diversity, we have chosen to publicly disclose our EEO-1 Report (which includes only our and United Ground Express, Inc.’s U.S. workforces). Due to the EEO-1 reporting schedule, our latest EEO-1 Report is based on workforce data from calendar year 2022. The EEO-1 Report provides a demographic breakdown of our U.S.-based workforce by gender, race/ethnicity and certain job categories prescribed by the federal government based on the U.S. Department of Labor Job Classification Guide. These categories do not match our workforce organization and are therefore not representative of how our industry or workforce is organized or the effectiveness of our diversity, inclusion and equity program. We believe the workforce data presented in our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2022, in our Corporate Responsibility Report and elsewhere in our public disclosures more accurately reflect our business model.

Download EEO-1 Report

DEI data

Data on our workforce demographics and labor relations can be found on our data page.