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United works with partners across all sectors to better understand and reduce our impact on the environment.

How we do business isn’t the only way we strive to be the most sustainable airline. We also partner with our employees, customers, airports, suppliers and governmental organizations to protect the environment.

Recently, United teamed up with Audubon International, the not-for-profit environmental education organization dedicated to sustainable natural resource management, to protect raptors — including hawks, ospreys and owls — in and around New York-area airports and resettle the birds of prey at suitable golf course habitats where they are more likely to thrive.

The United Eco-Skies® Raptor Relocation Program protects at-risk and threatened species such as the American kestrel by transporting the raptors to golf courses certified within the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program. As the official airline of the PGA TOUR®, United is uniquely positioned to help Audubon International identify suitable golf course habitats for relocation purposes and help inform the public about the importance of environmental sustainability. See the raptor sightings map.

Our commitment to protecting the skies was also on display when we hosted a NASA research team at our maintenance hangar at Guam International Airport for flights of a high-altitude WB-57F aircraft studying the upper atmosphere. The mission provided scientists a unique opportunity to make high-altitude aircraft measurements in an important part of the atmosphere. These observations will improve predictions of future changes in the climate and the ozone layer.

These are just a few of the innovative partnerships United has been working on to enhance our commitment to being the greenest airline in the skies.

Learn more about our Eco-Skies partners.

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