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From promoting inclusion and inspiring future leaders to helping communities in need and protecting the environment; we believe Every Action Counts toward the greater good.

Inspiring the next generation of leaders: Global Glimpse

We’re committed to the success of future generations. Investing in programs that encourage the next generation of leaders ensures the long-term success of our business as well as the prosperity of the communities we serve.

Since 2015, United has operated as the official airline partner of Global Glimpse, a nonprofit organization that provides powerful international travel and leadership opportunities to high school students from diverse backgrounds. The program culminates in an international service-learning trip that amplifies the meaning of global citizenship and giving back to communities. In addition to providing summer air travel for over 1,000 students, we participate in the program’s “Savvy Traveler” after school workshops to help students prepare for their travel experience and encourage them to be culture catalysts and bright change agents for the future.

"Global Glimpse exposed me to so many opportunities,” said 17-year-old Lluvia Janeth Barriga Mendoza from Cupertino High School. “My experience in Riobamba, Ecuador inspired me even more to become a nurse so that I can give back and help people in need; people like the farmers I met in Ecuador, who walk miles to go to school or find a doctor, as well as people in my own community who don't have access to healthcare."