Government and policies

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United works closely with government officials at all levels (international, federal, state and local) and our extensive network of partners and stakeholders to advocate for policies and a regulatory environment that will enable our industry to safely grow and contribute more to the economy.

As an industry, the previous year has presented new and immediate challenges, including matters related to public health and dramatic declines in demand for air travel. Despite these challenges, we remain focused on longer-term strategic priorities where United can lead and produce meaningful change. These priorities include:

At United, we are working hard to effect policy change to make aviation safer more efficient, profitable and sustainable.

COVID-19 pandemic

United is committed to promoting safety and is teaming up with industry leaders including Clorox and Cleveland Clinic to put cleanliness and safety at the forefront of our customers, employees and business partners’ experience. We also believe that maintaining travel infrastructure during the pandemic is vital to keeping the economy going. It’s for these reasons that United is working closely with policymakers in the United States and around the world to develop new practices and programs to safely travel. We recognize the critical role vaccines will play in recovering from this pandemic and we are extremely proud to be a leader in the transportation of vaccine doses to the United States as well as a partner of UNICEF’s COVAX initiative.


United’s commitment to becoming 100% green by 2050 by reducing 100% of our greenhouse gas emissions represents an ambitious step in the fight against climate change. We acknowledge the role the aviation industry plays in contributing to climate change, and recognize the importance of making investments to decarbonize the industry. To achieve these goals, we are aggressively engaging policymakers to pursue policies that will help grow the supply of sustainable aviation fuel and incentivize the development of new technology to remove carbon in the atmosphere and are working with academic and policy organizations to promote sustainability throughout the aviation and corporate sector.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Following the events of 2020, United, like many other organizations, took a hard look at what we can do to address the renewed consciousness on race and injustice. We are determined to be a global leader in diversity, equity and inclusion and will continue to work to ensure that our people, policies and processes reflect the customers and communities we serve. From a government affairs perspective, that means identifying public policy issues that we want to engage in, as United and with partners, to be a force for good. Key issues United has identified include promoting non-discrimination, providing greater access for women, minorities and people with disabilities to aviation careers, and criminal justice reform. In addition, we also reviewed our existing government affairs community partners to ensure that they share our DEI goals.

Modernizing Air Traffic Control infrastructure

We urge faster modernization of the U.S. Air Traffic Control infrastructure to improve safety, decrease flight delays, enhance customer service, create jobs and reduce fuel demand and harmful emissions. We are addressing these issues with industry organizations including Airlines for America and the International Air Transport Association.

Regulatory priorities

We promote regulatory reform that will allow airlines to operate more like other global businesses. Reform will allow U.S. airlines to compete on a more level global playing field, generating additional opportunities for our customers, employees and the communities we serve.

We routinely engage with government agencies around the world to ensure they take the interests and needs of our customers, employees, business and the communities we serve into account when making legislative and regulatory decisions. United also partners with governments on legislative and regulatory activities aimed at improving safety and security, the environment and the welfare of our employees and our customers.