Eco-Skies sustainability commitment

in Environment

At United®, we’re committed to operating an environmentally sustainable and responsible airline. This commitment means that we are working to minimize the environmental impacts associated with our operations, and that we continuously look for ways to reduce our footprint in the air, on the ground and at our facilities. Learn more about our Eco-Skies sustainability commitment.

Our 2015 goals across United’s four key sustainability commitment areas were:

Fuel efficiency and reducing emissions Alternative fuels Sustainable products and waste management Stakeholder and customer engagement
Reduce year-over-year fuel consumption through fuel efficiency and operational improvements – Achieved

Expand conversion from fossil fuel to electric ground service equipment (eGSE) – Ongoing

Expand availability of electric vehicle charging stations to employee parking lots to encourage adoption of low-or-zero-emissions vehicles – Ongoing

Launch AltAir biofuel initiative at LAX – Achieved

Execute alternative fuel partnership for expanded supply to other United hubs – Achieved

Secure CarbonChoice corporate carbon offset launch partner – Achieved

Identify opportunities and implement (when appropriate) facility energy efficiency improvements – In progress

Introduce select sustainable items across customer experience where feasible – In progress

Secure cornerstone partnership with environmental NGO to encourage sustainable travel and awareness – Achieved