A message from CEO Oscar Munoz

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How we’re making our company and our community stronger

As I travel our network and see the incredible diversity of our employees and customers around the world, I’m constantly reminded that, at our core, we are all about connecting people. From Chicago, Illinois to Chengdu, China, behind every connection we make is a community we strive to serve. The phrase, “We are United,” though expressed in many languages by our more than 86,000 employees spread around the globe, articulates a shared purpose to make a lasting, positive impact everywhere we operate.

We make this commitment not merely because we believe it creates value for our company, though it does; but because it derives from our fundamental values as a company.

Every day, I am inspired by the countless stories of our employees going the extra mile to put those values into practice, helping solve some of the world’s worst problems by summoning the best of themselves.

When a pilot mentors an at-risk student to pursue a career in aviation or when our United for Veterans business resource group helps veterans connect to great careers that put their extraordinary skills to use, we’ve made our company and our community stronger and all of our futures brighter.

With our size and scale, we are in a position to make a big difference, and it starts from within. Our employees are our foundation, and I have seen first-hand the deep care they have for each other, our customers and our communities. When the devastating earthquake struck Nepal, our employees and customers didn’t hesitate to help—donating nearly $2 million in just the first week. You’ll see a lot of big numbers like that in this report, but what’s really important is the people and shared purpose behind those numbers.

Raising money is incredibly important when it comes to helping in times of need, but creating meaningful and personal connections that empower people to get involved is equally important. Last year, one of our reservations quality assurance analysts and her family proudly served as the National Ambassadors for March of Dimes. Elise Jackson, her husband, Todd, and their son Elijah—who was born at just 25 weeks—inspired us all, and we raised $3 million for March of Dimes.

From raising money to saving money—our employees can do it all. Through teamwork and an intense focus on fuel efficiency, we cut our fuel consumption by more than 31 million gallons in 2015—equal to removing more than 65,000 passenger vehicles from the road. And along the way, we’re helping reduce our carbon footprint and minimize our impact on the environment.

Our actions align with the United Nations Global Compact, which outlines key principles of environmental and social responsibility for businesses around the world. We have been proud to be the only U.S. airline participating in the Compact since 2010.

Global companies have a responsibility to do what they can to make the world a better place. So do individuals. I invite you to join me and our United family in building a better future for us all.

Oscar Munoz
United Airlines