Ethics and compliance

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United’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct serves as a guide to the ethical and legal responsibilities that all directors, officers, co-workers and third-party representatives share.

Our Code offers guidelines for conducting ourselves and our business on behalf of United Airlines®. They cover such areas as management responsibilities, conflicts of interest, work environment—including harassment, discrimination and workplace behavior—and health and safety. The Code also states our commitment to complying with laws and regulations and conducting our business in a manner consistent with guiding U.S. and international principles on human rights.

Additionally, we reinforce our commitment to integrity through our integrated anti-bribery and data privacy policies. These policies outline how we should interact with government officials around the world and the importance of protecting personal information.

United® provides multiple avenues for co-workers to raise concerns or seek guidance, including providing a secure and confidential website and the ability to report anonymously, where local laws allow. The reporting site complements our 24/7 telephone helpline that co-workers can use to report concerns or seek guidance.